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High Quality Isolated Soybean Protein

Isolated soybean protein obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis is a processed product of a white flakes obtained after the extraction of oil from soybeans. The process is divided into main following steps:

1. Extraction #1

2. Extraction #2 (fiber output)

3. Sedimentation (molasses output)

4. Activation (Bromelain CDU 1200 input)

5. Modification system (with steam)

6. Vacuum (250mBar)

7. Drying (Spray Dryer, Nozzle Type)

8. Glazing and compounding system

9. Packing and Storage


Isolated Soybean Protein

Soybean Protein Isolate is a highly nutritious powdery product with light cream color. It is made from defatted soy meal and has very high protein content. We produce it with minimum protein content of 92%.  Since most fats and carbohydrates are removed, it has a neutral flavor and doesn’t cause flatulence.

The isolate contains essential micro and macro elements, vitamins, amino acids, dietary fiber (cellulose).

Our product belongs to the highest level of protein grades and is used in the most demanding and quality sensitive processes and end products, such as baby formula, special nutrition mixes and shakes, as well as the high-end nutrition for cats and dogs.


Quality Specifications

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